Media in Everyday Life

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Negative precisions mainly are social ills such as moral bankruptcy. Mass media include telephone, radio, television, newspapers, magazines, films, CD’s, internet, camera and many others. These are all agent of immoral acts that shall affect everybody not just young individuals but also the older people. Influence of the media shall affect our perception on things no matter how refused it. For instance, the younger generations are greatly indulging themselves to modern innovation of technologies. The important structure of media is its capability to penetrate culture. Now everything we perceive is a product of media. It was not so long ago that we are on the brim of industrializing nations while several inventions are looming to facilitate the Industrialized Age. The sages of different nations have proved that everything beyond our limits can be achieved. Now the results are prevalent. The emergence of mass media has aim to reach other people in a community and even through around the globe in a just a matter of minute. It is also significant to employ any forms of mass media or the so called mass advertising in the scope of the business since it is to cut the cost of individual advertising. However advertising faces several issues such as the issue on uprightness. In contemporary living, advertising intensify consumption. Most people rely on advertising, the immediate effect of the products is what seems to be enticing especially that it fashions on the taste of the people. The folks are even influenced through what they have heard in the radio or have watched in the television. It is creeping that one friend of mine usually indulges herself to beauty products but there was no immediate result of it as what have saith on the media, in fact her natural beauty already has distorted. Many people also that I met on the streets whether they’d be young or old employ the same products that help to conceal their imperfections. Have anyone ever tried to ponder why the television are endorsing about younger looks or are making fancy things while no one talks about being old and embarking the world Why, perhaps because they were afraid to face the reality. Absolutely, the media has often lulled us to the world of fancy things while reality is obscured. The mantra of media is different that it alters moral value into hollowed values. However, enlisting the negative effects of the media would also count its important and thus it as essential in finding the loopholes of media to tackle its positive impacts. Telephone, a facet of media is hailed as one of the most significant invention created by A.G. Bell. It is used to transmit and decode voices from predefined source. Before telephones were used to communicate within a specific location. As the need grew wider, it was innovated to reach distant areas. The populace was dissatisfied on the sluggish stir of via air mail or post mail. Particularly during the verge of wars when soldiers were set out in the battlefield likened to a million miles outside their home. In order to communicate with their families and to bring news on their condition, they have to draft a letter for their loved ones. A car truck is out there to pick the letters and send it to any destinations in the world via air mail. The disadvantage is that the receiver will receive the letter for a couple of days. Only then they know how worst or how better is