Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Discovering of Planets Outside the Solar System

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With each star, there is a system of planets similar like our and this fact has given us hope that there might be another planet which we can call earth 2 one day. These groundbreaking discoveries one after the other proved that there is much to learn and the universe is way vast then we think.On the other hand, the population of the earth has reached a figure of over 6.9 billion The current population of the world is about 6.9 Billion (United States Census Bureau) with a growth rate of 1.1%. It is expected that this figure will rise to a value between 8 and 10 billion in 2040 to 2050, which is far beyond the carrying capacity of planet earth of about 4.5 billion. In order to sustain this population of the future, we have to find a new place similar like earth soon. Space colonization is the idea we are targeting for, not just for accommodation but also to exploit the energy and mineral resources of that planet and fulfill the future requirements of the masses here. It is now an established fact that there is no planet in our solar system that can sustain life form of any type, Mars was one hope but the absence of oxygen and a protective layer such as ozone have created doubt in potential as a prospective place of human existence. So now we have to look and search beyond this solar system into the neighboring systems. In order to understand and attain more knowledge, we have to use new technologies and view the atmosphere and other specification of the planet more closely. Which can only be possible with latest and more accurate imaging systems? Engineers and scientist have employed telescopes for centuries to view far distant heavenly bodies.