Me Too Movement

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From the roots in the United States, the movement has spread its branches all over the globe while receiving many cases of sexual assaults from the reports sent by women (Onwuachi-Willig, 2018). Shocking enough, most cases come from women and they frequently occur in the workplaces. The women report rape, harassment, and assaults that receive from the bosses and fellow workmates. The eruption of this movement was given flow by the use of tweeter by Milano an actress who opened a conversation where she allowed those who had been harassed in their places of work. Within a short period of time, the world got to know that this problem has been facing magnitude that did not have the guts to speak about it in the public. Assuredly, with the effectiveness of the movement and several branches that emerged in different parts of the world, cases have been solved with subsequent improvement in organizational behaviour.
Cases in education
Undoubtedly, many cases have been reported by students making the harassment be no stranger out of the abundance of assaults. Lowering down to the University of California, all the campuses have reported with offenders being officials and lecturers. A perfect offender whose investigation led to a report of ninety-seven pages was Carlson Ron constituting testimonials from different students (Murray, 2017). As a result, the event that followed was the resignation of the professor which was granted by UC Irvine immediately they learned about the misconduct. Other cases that had the same relation involving professors in UC were dealt with either termination or sanction with the help of the movement which had motivated the female gender to speak their minds. Outwardly, through the adoration of the movement, harassment in workplaces and institutions was reduced by a great percentage.
Government organizations and officials
Several cases had been reported to the movement involving government officials from different organizations and political backgrounds. The campaigned exposed two officials and politicians who had harassed a number of women out of the few who shared their experiences. Some politicians like United States Senators triggered the development of Capital Hill which made reporting of cases a bit easier for the cases of assaults and sexual harassment. In the Spanish political system, a variety of publications were aired out as well as the British political parties which were driven by the effectiveness of Weinstein scandal and Me Too campaigns. In the security departments, these cases also exist as Detective reported her Mayor who had sent her sexually suggestive texts. The detective appreciated the movement for sharing her experience for the inspiration of others who may also be victims of such a situation by crediting the movement. She believed that the movement helped in shaping the behaviour of people in workstations through the sharing of experiences and seeking justice.
Sporting organizations
The sporting organizations have been involved in scandals associated with disrespect for gender and harassment of the female. One of the cases ever reported in 2016 involved a United States doctor Nassar Larry who happened to be the Michigan State University Gymnastics official. The official was called by the movement after assaulting a six-year-old gymnast during a session for treatment. The case was never taken seriously in the past but with the support of the Me Too Movement which allowed for women’s support (Nielsen et al., 2017). After some time, this case was reviewed and this led to life imprisonment of the doctor. Apparently, through this riffles were sent to different organizations as each got informed of the outcomes of the reported cases of harassment.