McDonalds Corporations 4ps Marketing Mix

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In an effort to curb this recent challenge that it has been subject to mainly in the western countries, McDonald’s Corporation has introduced healthier items in its menu which are inclusive of fruits, salads, and wraps. The fast-food restaurant as has already been preempted has operations in markets globally hence it is fairly distributed in very many countries. In regard to this paper though, the main attention will be placed in India, France, England and China as a critical analysis and comparison are carried out on the marketing mix that the company employs mainly in the identified countries.
McDonald’s forms part of the brands that are best known worldwide hence its main aim in marketing is to continue building stronger its brand in international markets by being a perfect listener of its customers. It is important though to take note of the fact that McDonald’s faces stiff competition from other fast food restaurants hence the need for a very competitive and effective marketing mix so s to continue emerging as the best in the diverse markets. Having identified the target customers that it is dealing with, McDonald’s comes out strongly to create a marketing mix that optimally appeals specifically to the target group (Kurtz 2010). The four main tools of marketing that are used in the marketing mix are product, price, promotion and place. In order to come up with the perfect marketing mix that optimally works for the benefit of the company, basic questions are answered by the marketing department at McDonald’s. The questions whose answers determine the type of marketing mix to be used are: which products are well received in the market. what prices are the consumers willing to pay for the desired products. what television programs, newspapers are advertising journals are mostly red and viewed by the consumers and which restaurants are most visited. This then offers the basis for the identification of specific marketing goals of the company.