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cess of interaction between the organizations and consumers is undergoing a significant change and hence the process of marketing communication has also changed significantly over the past few years. The big question is that how this changed communication would influence the overall marketing concepts. Today internet is utilized as a great medium of marketing. Organizations have been almost forced to use internet as a medium of marketing mainly because of changing consumer behavior with respect to the change in communication process. With the increase in number users of World Wide Web and internet there would be more use of these two as a medium of marketing communication. There are several operational and commercial advantages that internet provide to the marketers. In reply marketers should properly use the platform of internet as there are opportunities of delivering the contents in varieties of ways. The applicability of internet in the marketing communication process has shown that there is huge difference in information and the vehicle that is used to deliver information. According to the discussion in the article, internet is such an agency that enables marketers to integrate different aspects of marketing communication. Marketers can integrate different off line and online tactics with the objective of meeting the overall long term strategic goal of the organization. In internet dominated market place consumers are considered as active participants rather than passive recipients in the communication process. This actually has challenged the functionalist view of communication because today after the arrival of World Wide Web and internet, traditional and hegemonic media has been integrated and converted into a hyper electronic market place where the process of communication between the consumer and the marketer are more dialogic and flexible.
Previously marketers are found to be more dependent on some traditional mechanistic communication models and this