Matthew Dickmans Prescription of Good Life

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The poet’s style and expression match the daily lives of American people, so Matthew Dickman appears a poet of the people who write for the people and they can relate with his experiences as his experiences are similar or somewhat grounded in American culture. This paper scrutinizes three poems in terms of the poet’s prescription of a good life. He elaborates about his reading experiences and his comprehension related to those readings. His toilet as a whole was constructed by a company named as American Standard and he relates his experiences of using the toilet with the formation of the American standard. He wants people to enjoy themselves and involve in partying for their happiness and merriment, as being a part of American society, people are allowed to enjoy as they like. There are also some ill happenings in life, but as per the poet’s perspective, a person should ignore his losses and try to be happy by clubbing, doing sex and going to parties. He elaborates about his activities in the toilet and connects them to his happiness. He also wants to be as comfortable while being in the toilet and is not ready to hurry up. At the end of the poem, when he recalls about his visit to Africa, he seems to mention the African Americans in America whom he regards to be kind and friendly people. His poem informs about the activities what American people usually do. He poem, American Standard not only appears as a narrative of his experience and his life but also about the accommodation that America gives to foreigners such as African Americans who have migrated from Africa to settle in America. He says,the American Standard taking whatever you give it, flushing, and then filling back up with water (Dickman 22-23). Everything that goes into the American Standard becomes a part of it or melts into it such as African Americans have become a part of America and its pop culture. The poet mentions in the poem about partying and get together of people along with his sex with a woman who is engaged to a man from Colorado.