Masters in Safety Management

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 Personal Statement: Masters in Safety Management Safety management presupposes a crisis. Incidents of risks do not arrive with notice. They happen at the most unsuspected moments and if serious in nature, they have the potential to destroy what has been achieved by the organizations with dedicated efforts over the years. If they result in loss of lives, the post-incident crisis takes grave turn. Fast track action is needed at the time of crisis, with clear delegation of duties and responsibilities. Any organization, small or big, needs to have a safety management team and it should consist of skilled personnel in the areas of the assigned tasks of safety management. I visualize huge career prospects for Safety Managers, and my liking for this Branch is both from remunerative and service point of views. I have completed Bachelor’s degree in Safety Management from Pittsburg State University and have also earned a diploma degree in radiation. Now I wish to take admission for the Masters in Safety Management and my choice of Pittsburg State University for this specialized knowledge is obvious. Why Pittsburg University for Safety Management Course? The answer is simple and straightforward. That which is evident requires no explanation, elaboration or appreciation. For example, light is bright and it is evident. With the mention of Pittsburg for Safety Management Course, the nooks and corners of the business world know about the sterling qualities and capabilities of the renowned faculty here and the support and guidance the students hope to receive from the alumni. Ten years hence, I see myself as the CEO of a Safety Management Consultant firm that I intend to start with Head Office in my country, and with Branches in European and South Asian countries. At this important turning point in my life, the favorable response on my application for admission will be an unforgettable experience and will enable me to be part of this great university.