Massive open online course (MOOC)

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Despite such obstacles if the stated solutions are adapted, the program can be developed as one of the best ways of updating an individual’s learning skills. Overview Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is determined to be one of the most common topics amid many institutional critics over the years. It is considered to be an online course generally developed for large scale, cooperative involvement and open admission via the web with the prime motive of providing mas education facilities. The process of MOOC is measured to be much advanced than traditional course materials. As it not only provides videos, readings and problem sets but it also offers an opportunity to interact with users which facilitates the students, professors and teaching assistance to build a cooperative community. With the rapid development in the technological periphery and an increasing number of people aiming to continue studies along with their jobs, it has provided a major opportunity for academic centers to adopt the new technique of providing education via the web. However, there have been significant developments which cite MOOC to be a threat in the educational sector (Educause, 2013. Weiss, 2013). The main objective of this paper is to provide a descriptive study that would explain the importance of MOOC in today’s educational context. … However, it has been viewed that there exists very limit sources that can be considered as an effective mode for learning modern procedures and gathering knowledge. In addition, it has been measured that there exist numerous people who do not get adequate time from their working schedule to gain updated knowledge simultaneously with their work, as they need to earn their livelihood for managing their family (Pope, 2013). MOOC was developed with the prime motive of delivering learning contents online to any person located anywhere in the globe with no limit on attendance. It is generally an online program which provides an opportunity to connect with different people in terms of sharing thoughts, ideas through webinars, articles and online discussion on the individual’s specific topics of interest. Additionally, another prime advantage of MOOC is that it provides a list of resources gathered from different academic initiatives along with updated learning syllabus. It has also been viewed that MOOC form of education involves project based learning that guides individuals to create plans to increase their intellectual and technical knowledge. In an era of financial reductions by federal bodies, it has been viewed that schools and colleges have cut budgets related to developing professional developments within individuals. It has been viewed that MOOC is a relatively new innovation in the education sector that provides a major prospect for individuals to help bridge their achievements in their academic aspects along with offering a scope to earn income to support their livelihood. However, it has been viewed that many critics suggest that the