Martial and Partner Harmony in Relation to Positive Outcomes for Children

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According to various researches conducted, it has been proved that authoritative parenting is more common among the European-American parents in comparison to ethnic minority parents. Furthermore, the Asian-American and African-American parents are extremely authoritarian in their practices of parenting than the white parents (Bowman et al., 2007). It is also argued that, parenting that is authoritarian might have positive outcomes on the psychological adjustment of ethnic minority especially in their academic achievement. Thus, the research will seek to investigate if the latter statement is true. Methods of Data Collection In qualitative data deriving, the method of data collection will be conducting of interviews with the participants constituting the research sample. The interviews will be face to face for purposes of ensuring information free flow since the participants might become reluctant to participate in observations and focus groups. As such, the end result will be yielding of data that is not rich as intended. Sampling Design The sampling design that will be used in my research is the non-probability sampling. This is because the number of authoritative ethnic minority parents is unknown to me as a researcher. … Thus, it can either be greater or lower than expected. Sampling method The method that will be used under non-probability sampling is convenience sampling. In that case, I will use college students primarily as a way of convenience. As such, I will sample by requesting for volunteers. The only limitation with this method is that an individual has no evidence whether they are population representatives a researcher may be interested in for purposes of generalization. In addition to that, the sample is always suspected not be a clear representation of the population. Participants’ Protection Ethical care will be applied in the qualitative study. The research sample determination for the survey will rely on my judgment as a researcher in the determination of possible respondents basing on the criteria. This means that I will have to stick to the criteria while assessing the possible research participants. In addition to that, I will avoid interacting directly with the subjects of the research. Their identity will be protected for purposes of protecting them from their parents, teachers, peers and school administrators. I will also be discrete while asking questions that are sensitive to the respondents. Budget Convenience sampling requires a longer period before completion as the researcher needs to be assured that the sample will have the capability of providing in-depth data needed by the qualitative study. In that case, it requires a significant amount of the proposed research budget. However, it is less than that required in the phase of data collection. Sampling Plan for the Proposed Quantitative Study The quantitative study aims to find out the correlation between ethnic minorities parenting in correlation to positive outcomes for children via