Marketing Strategy for a New Product

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The structure P&amp.G adopted changed from a “Global Matrix” to a hybrid organizational structure. Roald Jean Degenalso termed it as “Front-Back Hybrid Matrix organization” structure. The structure focusses on two key areas in its operations. namely the customer markets designed on the front end and the end products designed on the back end. Therefore, it can combine both customer focus and responsiveness.
P&amp.G has four major divisions with each having a sub-division. These include Europe consisting of Middle East/Africa, Western Europe and Central Europe. North America has the United States/Puerto Rico and Canada. Latin America has Asia/Australia. Lastly, Greater China, with its headquarters at Singapore, has Northeast Asia, Australia and India/ASEAN.
The organization functions from an additional matrix across two parallel organizations. Key areas of focus here include finance and accounting, information technology, customer business developments, product supply, external relations, consumer and market knowledge, research and development, legal and human resources. There are unit managers charged with two responsibilities. These include looking afterWashing clothes and maintaining good hygiene is undertaken by most people. Majority of people in the 21st century are spending much of their time in the laundry. This means that most people are valuing laundry services. With the current advancements in technology, there is a growing demand for sophisticated laundry products by the consumers.