Marketing Strategies of Sky Broadcasting PLC

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Rupert Murdoch was the founder of Sky Television plc. In the beginning the company was four-channel satellite television service. Sky Television merged with collapsed rival British Satellite Broadcasting in 1990 to form British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) (Wikipedia, 2008)
British Sky Broadcasting Sky has a customer base of approximately 21 million viewers in 8.1 million households. The company is one of the leading multi-channel television platforms in the UK and Ireland. The broadcasting service provide its subscribers with an array of movies, news, entertainment and sports channels and interactive services on Sky Digital, the UK and Ireland’s first and most popular digital television platform.
Being a volatile organization, the sky broadcasting earns its 80% income from its digital TV subscribers. Although the organization is the major player of UK media industry but the company strongly adheres with the policy of customer retention which most of organizations don’t follow. In order to keep its customer constantly satisfied the organization has a large scale customer call center which not only undertake the marketing activities for the company but also increase the satisfaction level of the old customers by providing them instant information regarding their queries. The company employs approximately 6,000 people in various internal and outsourced customer contact centers, which play a major role in Sky’s operations, because the contact center staff has front-line responsibility for maintaining the vital relationship between Sky and its digital TV customer base.
Nowadays, marketing communication and advertising is becoming exceedingly important in everyday life. The use of the Internet has augmented the importance of advertising as advertisements about a specific brand or product reach people easier. Moreover, Jones (1995) states that advertising is capable of a sharp immediate effect on sales which plays a main role in enhancing the brand name.
Furthermore many advertisements have deeper meanings than when seen at first sight especially in magazines where the main goal of the advertisement is to convey a message to the readers through the use of text or symbols. Central to much of modern day advertising in glossy magazines is the use of the metaphor (Proctor et. al, 2005). Metaphors are often used to broaden the way of understanding things. They also lead to a high level of ambiguity in the metaphoric form.
Advertisers are finding it more and more difficult to persuade consumers about a specific product. But the Sky broadcasting is dealing with the challenges by undertaking following creative opportunities:
1. With the involvement of superior level of animation, 3D and visual effects the company caters the needs of customers in the field of Branding, Sponsorship, Promotions amp. Script writing, Directing and Program packaging.
2. On-line: Sky broadcasting deals with all aspects of Interactive amp. new media advertising amp. design including web, EPG, interactive