Marketing plane

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The paper will critically look at the marketing plan which has been adopted by BioGood to enable it change the perception of consumers towards the use of biodegradable plastic products, the company mission and vision considered to attain the objective of the firm. The paper still is going to discuss the market situations such as addressing SWOT analysis, marketing mix and marketing segmentation. Further, the paper will discuss the financial objectives of the firm for the first three years, objectives and issues of BioGood will be looked upon and discussed in length so as to understand the firm well and the products it is going to offer. Additionally, the paper will discuss the metrics that are used in marketing plan and their implementation. Marketing plan Internal situation Internal situation of BioGood include the management like finance, development slot, purchasing, operations and accounting. The departments must work together to achieve the goals of the firm, for example the accounting will have to approve any budget the firm considers of help to make the customers satisfied. The marketing managers must ensure that BioGood Company provides the necessary resources that will facilitate the use of biodegradable plastic to be of help to the consumers. … not been doing well in the market due to the competitive nature of other firms like American Plastic Manufacturing, ECM Biofilms, and Clear Choice HouseWares among others. BioGood will involve customer markets like consumer markets who buy the biodegradable plastic for their own consumption, business markets that are going to buy the brand for selling to other retailers. The government market will buy in bulky to transfer the brands to those people who are needy. External situation BioGood will consider human population in terms of density, age, gender, race, and occupation, thus the market segment and market targets will not be a problem to the firm since it targets all type of customers. PESTEL analysis Political effect The political situation in the market will have to face the law and government agencies and other groups that are going to criticize the firm in production of biodegradable brands. For example, the competitors may petition the firm of false deceptive biodegradable plastic claims. The claim may be focused at making BioGood lower sales or cease working completely. Economic BioGood will enhance the purchasing power of customers, through provision of prices that will be prudent and takes into consideration the inflation rates of the economy. Social The firm will have to invest a lot in advertisements since from the beginning the society together with the competitors has bad perception of biodegradable brands which are perceived to have negative effect to the environment and later to the society. This culture has passed from culture to culture. Technology The technological environment is the fastest media that can lead to changes and creativity in the firm, making the company to be innovative. The technology used by BioGood is perhaps best since the