Marketing plan of a restarant

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Therefore it is important for investors to have knowledge of the target group in regard to the hotel type. For example Urspace Café located in Temple City can arguably be considered a business hotel since it mainly deals with customers seeking day food and breakfast. However, despite the hotel type it important to ensure that the marketing strategies employed are excellent.Excellent hospitality operation is one of the basic marketing strategies applied by in the hotel industry. Hospitality operations go beyond the normal daily greetings as customers enter the premise. Successful hospitality operations involve increased knowledge about the customer base in order to offer the best services without necessarily being prompted to. For starters, waiters and waitresses should have good knowledge of all available foods and beverages to avoid uncertainty when an order is placed. Additionally, they should be aware of the frequently requested food types especially by frequent customers to give room for suggestions. This is also important to ensure that frequently foods and beverages are always present hence eliminating customer disappointments. This improves interactions between the personnel and the customers thereby creating a sense of satisfaction. Additionally, building strong relationships with the customers makes it easy to identify arising problems. This is because loyal customers accustomed to the hotel feel welcomed to give suggestions on improving levels of service. Therefore, in case of a complaint a customer will not opt for another hotel but rather will consider communicating with the personnel so that the problem can be addressed.Additionally, in as much as caution is taken, there is bound to be errors though few thereby prompting a customer’s complaint. Part of excellent hospitality is ensuring complaints and suggestions raised are addressed fast enough and accurately.