Marketing plan for Al Fresco Show 2009

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These initiatives will be aimed at attracting a variety of people including outdoor enthusiasts and gym members as well as families and the non active ones (Guiltinan et al, 1996).
Outdoor enthusiasts include individuals across all age groups who like outdoor events and live actively. Gym members are mainly young professionals who attend gym regularly, especially those who live in cities. Families and non active individuals mainly comprise children and those who do not live an active life.
The Al Fresco Show 2009 will be preceded by a number of trade shows such as The Tent Show, The Outdoor Trade Show, Outdoor Preview Show and The Outdoor Show. These shows will be done in collaboration with organizations such as Media Contact Services, Outdoor Industries Association and the European Outdoor Group.
The Al Fresco Show 2009 will involve a number of its existing partners such as YHA, Duke of Edinburgh, Girl Guiding UK, Ramblers Association, British Orienteering Federation, Scouts, BMC, BCU. The show also expects to partner with a number of other organizations such as Badger Trust, Countryside Agency, English Nature, John Muir Trust, Association of Long Distance Walkers, Scottish Natural Heritage, AONBs, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Diabetes UK, Canoe Camping Club, VSO, RSPB, and National Trust.
The 2009 ve
Love the Outdoors Campaign
Love the Outdoors Campaign, which was held in 2008, and which allowed up to three children to enter free of charge, will be done again in 2009. This is because the 2008 campaign was very successful.
The 2009 version will feature a number of outdoor events. First, there will be an event known as World Theatre where great celebrities including Kate Humble, Bruce Parry and Grif Rhys Jones. Second, there will be an event dubbed Discover Ireland, which will feature Irish coffee, Irish dancing and St Patrick’s Day celebrations. Third, there will be an event known as Explore Britain, which will be collaboration with the various tourist boards in United Kingdom.
The Wilderness Camp will be aimed at enlightening participants on conservation and survival skills. The event will be held in collaboration with the United Kingdom Girl Guiding. The Regatta Perfect spot is another event that will combine photography and walking workshops.
Cumber Arms is a country pub which will also be part of the show courtesy of Jennings Breweries. Another event dubbed Theatre will be aimed at teaching the participants about GPS, navigation and mapping skills. The Bike Arena will mainly involve mountain bike demonstrations.
The event will also have a Canoe and Dive Pool that will both have go-activities as well as underwater photography activities. Other events will include the VW Beach Caf, Freespirit Beach Festival, Rock Caf, Climb Zone, BMC Summit Theatre, Craghoppers Adventure Travel, the Tent City, YHA Caving Feature and Water Sports Theatre.
The campaign has a number of goals and objectives. First, it is aimed at attracting more families to its show. It is also aimed at bringing new audiences to this show and sparking their interest in outdoor events. It also hopes to get new partners such as the media and other like-minded associations.