Marketing paper on brand equity brand positioning and brand strategy on Victoria Secrets

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dentity helps the company to remain one of the top competitors on a global level while continuing to expand the product line and amount of revenue that is available on a yearly basis.
Victoria’s Secret is one of five companies under the name of Limited Brands. The other stores that follow this include Bath and Body Works, Pink, La Senza and Henri Bendel. The initial store began in 1963 in Ohio as a specialty realtor focused on lingerie, personal care and beauty products that are specific to women’s needs. The founder of the company is Leslie W. Wexner, a Russian immigrant that began to build a portfolio of fashion soon after graduating from high school. He grew the company from the founding store of his parents to lead into a segmented corporation. The mission of Limited Brands is to offer the world’s best fashion brands by providing high quality materials. This is followed by Limited Brands offering customer experiences that are unmatched in the industry followed by a focus on loyalty from customers and growth from both potential customers and stakeholders. There are four core principles that follow this, including the focus on the customer, passion that leads to success from the excellence of products, inclusion of new and innovative products for success and the belief to be fair in all business dealings. There are over 2900 stores in the U.S. and Canada and over 40 La Senza stores that are located across the globe. There is an average of $8.6 billion revenue in 2009 and 90,000 employees that are in the US (Limited Brands, 2010).
The brand equity that is defined by Victoria’s Secret begins with the firm level that has been created. In 2009, the net sales of this branch were at $1,388,000 with a sales change increase of 9%. The comparable store sales are at 6% with an average of 6,063,000 square feet for sales. The stability of the store continues to remain the same, with potential for growth not only within the US and Canada, but also on a