Marketing of Abercrombie and Fitch

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Aamp.F sells its product direct-to-consumer through their own retail stores. The company operated around 1,096 stores in North America, Europe and Asia (NYSE Euronext, 2010) This report is going to discuss the marketing plan for Aamp.f Ltd. This marketing plan will include different types of strategic ideas with help of various models and theories. These strategies will be crafted keeping in mind the mission of the company and will be helpful to sustain and maintain its brands’ image for the long run. The report will consider the present market scenario of the apparel industry and according to the situation the segmentation, targeting and positioning will be suggested. After scanning the present market, adaptable strategies will be crafted. This report will include how the marking mix will be restructured to implement theses crafted strategies. It will also conclude how far the strategies will be accepted and justified. At present, the company is quite popular among the youngsters and they consider it as a statement of style. The mission of the company is to expand its market share in the US as well in other locations where already it is operating. After considering the changes in economic condition in the global market the company is focusing on new unexplored markets. Hence it is planning to enter in these explored potential markets and to diversify its business. Therefore it can be concluded that the mission statement of the company will be to offer stylish, fashionable and high-quality clothes to the young generation which provide them a unique identity. also to introduce the company‚Äôs brand to different parts of the world and be the market leader. Considering this mission statement the company will plan its marketing plan and will develop the strategies to be followed. Before developing the strategies for achieving the above-mentioned mission statement itis important to understand actually to whom the company is planning to offer the cloths and how it wants to position the products to fulfill the desired mission.