Marketing National Alcohol Campaign

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For non-profit organizations that are involved in raising funds or providing service and remedial treatment for social ills, segmentation helps them to be more effective (Beane, 1987).Segmentation operates with the belief that all people are not alike but can be grouped into segments according to some common characteristics that they share. In certain cases, segmentation studies have been already performed and marketers can use this ready information to launch their marketing campaigns. The retail and consumer market is a good example of such well-researched segmentation. In other cases, some amount of segmentation research has to be performed to know how various consumer groups are organized. Firms often carry out repositioning of their products based on segmentation studies (McKenna, 1988).

For the NAA study, the campaign was based on the primary segmentation of youth as per the age groups of 15 – 17 years and the secondary segmentation for parents of 12-17-year-olds. This segmentation is important for teens since this was the age that first takes up experimental drinking once a week and then graduates to binge drinking. Children younger than 15 years are still under the relative influence of their parents and there would not be many drinkers. However, the age group of 15 to 17 years is still influenced by campaigns and social messages and they can be set on the right path. The primary group also has a greater chance of harming itself by drinking and these teens indulge in violence, crime, and sex when they are drinking. Parents were also selected since they have an important role in controlling and advising their kids about the ill effects of alcohol, set the standards and limits and also can serve as role models in consuming alcohol and behavior consumption (Ball, 2003, p. 2-3).

Answer: The NAA Campaign was based on the primary demographic segmentation of teens in the age group of 15 to 17 and the secondary segmentation of parents of 12-17-year-old teens.&nbsp.