Marketing Mix

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Choosing the right blend of the mix is like creating a good team, experience.Making sure that your marketing efforts are complementary and working together in synergy is essential to the restaurant’s success.(Isabelle Szmigin, (1998:14.) (Paul Herbig, Bradley O’Hara, Frederick A. Palumbo. (1998). 20-21)Le Bistort Pierre’s products include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, ranging from fresh salads to French bread, soups, burgers and steaks. The restaurant serves a variety of items in variety of sizes for different meal times. These include freshly baked pastries, bread, and whole wheat items in breakfast, while steaks, burgers, soups for lunch and dinner. Besides the food, wine is also available in various forms. They include red, white, rose, sparkling and champagne. Variety of items ensures the management’s concern about differences in tastes. The restaurant also revises its menu often. The revised menu available to customers on almost every visit provides plenty of choices and taste development.Thus the food, its high quality, good taste, good representation, and its variety give it the competitive edge. Customers want to dine at le bistort Pierre’s because of its variety as opposed to any other competitive restaurant. It is important to keep in mind that at the end of the day, it is paramount that customers leave satisfied. (Lyndon, 2000: 5)Le Bistort has affordable price items. Even the wines are reasonably priced. Besides affordable prices, the restaurant has deals, or combos served at special timings, like Early bird and Pre-theatre that provides Amazing value with two courses before 7.00 pm for as low as £13.90 and the long weekend offer for only £20.90. Similarly, dining with wine deals is also offered at reasonable prices. Apart from the affordable prices, the restaurant also prices less than 50% on each item for children.So that children also eat the same menu as grownups.