Marketing for Starbucks Light Lunch Option

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(Harris, 2007. The Queens Gazette, 2007) Aside from offering salads and pasta to its existing consumers, Starbucks Coffee will also sell two yogurt parfaits throughout the country. (Reuter UK, 2007)1. Target Market Strategy. Taking advantage of more than 4,400 Starbucks coffee shops throughout the United States (Harris, 2007), the company will actively advertise using television advertisements and print ads in magazines that promote a healthy lifestyle and newspaper. Starbucks will market lunch options to its existing and new customers within the country.3. Product Strategy. Aside from maintaining the availability of a wide variety of coffee drinks, Starbucks recently introduced organic food products throughout the U.S. market. (Harris, 2007. The Queens Gazette, 2007)For the salad, fresh ingredients will be delivered at each store. To maintain the freshness of the salad, everything will be assembled as soon as customers place an order. In line with the promotion of the light lunch option, baristas will be required to undergo training focusing on the proper food preparation for salad and parfaits and a standard approach in taking customers’ orders.4. Pricing Strategy. Similar to the high-cost of Starbucks Coffee, the company aims to sell a wide variety of salad with market price ranging between US$ 5 to US$ 61 including parfaits for lunch deserts which is priced at US$ 3.45 each. (Harris, 2007. The Queens Gazette, 2007)5. Promotional Strategy. Starbucks will promote its latest light lunch options through newspaper and e-news publications that reveal the market prices and food’s nutritional contents to the public (Lang, 2008. The Queens Gazette, 2007), as well as in its existing and new websites (, 2008).6. Supply Chain Strategy. Ingredients for chilled salads and other food items will be delivered throughout its existing 4,400 Starbucks Coffee store outlets all over the United States (, 2008.