Marketing Dynamics

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This essay is developed in order to understand marketing dynamics of the green marketing and consumers. There are various consumer concerns which are impacting the decision making process and buying behaviour of consumers. Organisations need to understand these patterns in order to identify threats and opportunities and develop strategies according to that. There are various macro environmental factors which influence green consumer. These factors can be related to the infrastructure of the company, use and wastage of resources of the company, final product, recycle ness of the product and the work environment it has been providing to its employees. The case study in the paper analyses the Hewlett Packard efforts for the environmental and green marketing has created value for Hewlett Packard, industry and society as a whole. The efforts of Hewlett Packard company have been taken well by the stakeholder communities. It has been able to create a sustainable brand value through this. It took initiatives and efforts to gain attention of competitors and policy makers for the environmental friendly concerns. It is summed up that all its efforts have been focused toward its final consumer. The researcher also states that the focus of consumers has been toward the environmental and eco-sensitive factors as well along with the product and value a company offers for the price consumer is paying. The number of customers and consumer are increasing who are more aware and concerned about the environment.