Marketing Company of Toyota Camry 2007

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The Toyota Motor Corporation was founded by Koichiro Toyoda in 1937, the first-ever car that was produced by the Toyota Corporation was its passenger car the Toyota AA, ever since its inception Toyota has never looked back, it is the largest automaker and has the highest sales in the US. Toyota globally employees around 320,000 people and have 522 subsidiary companies which include its majority shareholding stake in Daihatsu and Hino Motors. It can be best described as a multi-national corporation that has its global headquarters in Japan. Toyota also has a financial services division and is also into robot productions. In 2007 the net annual sales of the Toyota Corporation equaled to $15, 911,886 whereas the total net assets of the company were $15, 336,578 and the net income for the Corporation in the year 2007 was approximately 60 Billion Japanese Yen. The net income per share was close to 200 Japanese Yen. Since the product has been chosen from the automobile wing of the Toyota Corporation, the different kinds of products that would be highlighted in this paper would be from the automobile wing of the company, as mentioned above the company is also into manufacturing of robots and provision of financial services. Some of the major automobiles that Toyota produces are Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Prius (which is Toyotas hybrid car) and Toyota also own Lexus and Scion brands but for marketing purposes or for differentiation purposes Toyota does not lend its name to these brands.

The marketing environment for Toyota at the micro-level is a very favorable one because it has built collaborative partnerships at all levels where it could possibly do so with its suppliers and that has helped Toyota in becoming the giant it is today, Toyota firmly believes in building partnerships with its suppliers rather than treating them as vendors for the supply of materials for the company.