Marketing Communication Strategy Zopa UK

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As a marketing communications manager for Zopa UK, I have been entitled to prepare a marketing communications plan for the period ranging September 2011 to September 2012.Zopa UK has been operating in the UK virtual environment for more than 5 years. ZOPA has been providing a lending and borrowing medium to people at cost-effective and competitive rates unlike banks that charge better rates to borrowers at their own terms and conditions. Before attempting a marketing communications strategy on Zopa UK, a situation analysis needs to be performed. Through Internet-TV, relevant audiences’ attention can be captured while their favourite programmes are run on television channels. At the same time, using SMS as means of advertisement to the target audience telling the features of the loan products can click the marketing campaign by contacting the right touch points to attract wider audiences. Using online media tools judiciously can make the marketing campaigns more effective and relevant (Wikipedia, 2010).Zopa can make the otherwise dull business of borrowing and lending more interesting through extensive use of blogging, an online medium, by discussing stories behind borrowings, entertaining Zopa prospective customers intelligently. Resources should be prudently used by mixing PR and word-of-mouth publicity with other marketing functions to save cost on customer acquisition. Related magazines and newspaper readers from The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Economist and The Institute of Directors house magazine should be our target audience as readers. We should involve PR agencies regularly to publish related articles on the risk of borrowing from banks and the leverage to prospective customers from virtual sites such as Zopa UK , explaining the difference in interest rates between the banks and online companies like ours selling ‘A category’