Marketing Campaign for a Successful Product Launch

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outhern Africa market will seek to inform the senior management team of the multinational company on how each of the selected promotional tool is appropriate in accomplishing the marketing objectives as well as the overall business objectives. Secondly, the manager in-charge of the South African market will demonstrate in this report how the recommended promotional tools will be implemented in order to make the marketing campaign successful.
In most occasions when a business enterprise seeks to venture into a new market or it is about to release a new brand of product or service into the market, it usually engages in aggressive marketing campaigns. The marketing campaigns are mainly intended to create greater hype in the market, which will make the target audience eager to try or experience the newly released product and/ or service. In addition, the marketing campaign should be able to sustain the long-term growth of the business in the market or increased sales of the new product and/ or service. This therefore means that the marketing campaign should be devised properly in the first place to guarantee success of the entire process. this is according to Hollensen (2010).
In this present report, Nokia’s manager for the Southern Africa market seeks to convince the company senior management team that the promotional tools he has picked are the most appropriate and effective in ensuring that both Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 record success in the South African market.
For the purpose of carrying out a successful marketing campaign in South Africa, the manager in charge of the Southern Africa market picked four promotional tools that comprise of advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and public relations.
Hollensen (2010) in her studies described advertising, as any form of marketing communication that is used to reinforce what the target audience already knows about the product or service, and to convince, or encourage the target audience to purchase the