Marketing And Sponsorship For Events And Sports

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The teams will be composed of players from various universities, an all-star game of sorts. Having these players participate in the game will increase the interest of the target audience. Amateurs may draw inspirations from these games, and eventually apply the techniques in their own fields. Part of the organizer’s marketing plans is to do radio advertisements two weeks before the event. Utilizing above-the-line media will expand the organizer’s reach and will definitely elicit interest among listeners. Below-the-line media such as posters and flyers will also be used. To support the marketing budget, sponsorships with media and consumer groups shall be initiated. This will result in support in terms of budget and promotions. At the end of the event, the organizers targets for the audience to have increased interest in sports, consequently increasing inquiries in sports-related courses and programs. II. TARGET MARKET III. SWOT a. Strengths – Middlesex University in London is known for its support to Sports Activities. In fact, its involvement in sports activities goes to the extent of encouraging its students to participate and volunteer in sports-related activities. Further, as stated in its website, picking which sports to participate in is a student’s second major decision after selecting the course to take (Middlesex University London 2012). Its expertise and participation in sports activities in the city is a good work ground in implementing this Sports Open Day. Another factor that may considered as strength is the Londoners’ obvious love for sports, which was probably fueled by the city’s hosting of the 2012 Olympics. The clamor for sports activities is still lingering, and the youth are the best group that considers sports-related activities a one of their priorities. b. Weakness – Activity-related funds are still being built up, with great dependence on sponsorships. Though a lot of organizations and companies have the capacity to pledge support for the program, the university’s challenge is to be able to get the needed funds to ensure success of the event. Further, the organizers should be able to come up with the needed funds within a span of less than two months, a feat that is achievable, but would entail hard work for the marketing committee team. c. Opportunity – The city government of London has promised to put in more support in sports-based activities through the mayor’s legacy projects (Increasing opportunities to play sports 2012). Middlesex Universities’ Sports Event is aligned to this goal, and as such, the situation provides a great opportunity for the marketing and promotions with the support of the local government. Having this kind of supporting environment strengthens opportunities to the event organizers. d. Threats – No known major threat has been identified, though probably, the presence of sports-related campaigns that are more commercial in value lessens the attractiveness of this endeavor. The organizers however would still want to capitalize on this threat and use it to the event’s advantage by not antagonizing mainstream efforts. Bringing in sponsors from the mainstream group will address this threat as having consumer companies participate in the Sports Open Day would mean opening doors to a wider market reach. IV. OBJECTIVES The