Market Evaluation and Strategic Planning Project for Dubai Refreshments Energy Drinks

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Begun in 1959, Dubai Refreshments originally was located on Maktoum Street in central Dubai. In such a way, it comes as no surprise that the full power of the most potent geographic market for the firm’s offerings exists within the continents of Africa and Asia. Although the firm has experienced a great deal of growth domestically, it has yet to fully leverage a degree of potential international growth. In such a fashion, for the nation of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Refreshments exhibits nearly a 70% market share with regards to energy drinks. Similarly, due to the fact that population of Dubai and the surrounding region has grown exponentially within the past several decades, the firm is able to integrate its products with a broader and broader market segment than it would have before thought possible. As a direct result of this, profitability has increased alongside this population growth. Although Dubai Refreshments is considered a bonafide distributor of PepsiCo drinks, the firm in and of itself exhibits complete autonomy and is not a subsidiary of the global beverage giant. Such a level of autonomy means that Dubai Refreshments is able to integrate within the global market and seek to leverage a degree of success for itself without being under the constraints of any contractual obligations or limitations placed upon it by a third party or ultimate conglomerate of ownership. Market Analysis/Evaluation Although it is ultimately the intention of Dubai Refreshments to engage in a broad marketing plan that will see each and every one of its sectors grow in overall sales, the purpose of this specific strategy is with regards to seeking to leverage a degree of growth within the market of Vietnam. seeking to promote the drink company in an emerging market as a means of breaking out from the formerly domestic only label that the firm has crafted for itself. As will be discussed below in the analysis, the reasons for choosing Vietnam are multiple. however, the nation itself has not been chosen merely on one or two determinants. Rather, it has been chosen due to the fact that it is the belief of these authors that this particular nation represents the greatest overall possibility with regards to future growth and international development of the brand. Social Issues Although long overlooked as something of a backwater communist relic, the nation of Vietnam has experienced a rapid amount of economic growth within the past several years. Due to the rapid level of economic growth, the human development index and the gross domestic product of the nation of Vietnam has risen precipitously alongside this form of development.A further reason why the nation of Vietnam is been chosen with regards to the international expansion of Dubai Refreshments is with regards to the fact that both the nation of Vietnam and the nation of the United Arab Emirates are both extraordinarily hot climates. In such a way, even though there are a differential and culture between these two peoples, it is the belief of the promoters and stakeholders of Dubai Refreshments that the very same forces which have promoted Dubai Refreshments into a position of popularity and appreciation within the market of the United Arab Emirates will necessarily promote the farm within the nation of Vietnam as well.