Mario Escobar Matias Ramos and Stephanie Solis

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A Dream Deferred
Q 1
Struggling in life makes one to stand strong and never be shaken by any kind of situation that comes on one’s way. When one comes out successful through struggling, it leaves behind a positive lesson for those who are in the same circumstances. It will help them to take heart and think positively about their future that will benefits others by being their role model as it is in the case of Mario Escobar, Matias Ramos, and Stephanie Solis.
When Mario Escobar lost his father, cousins and grandmother as a result of El Salvador’s brutal civil war, he never gave up his dreams but fought hard for his life. Being a student at the University of California, money was a barrier to his academic endeavors but through struggle he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in literature.
On the other hand, Matias Ramos, who was not eligible, for in-state tuition and his parents. They were not able to rise for his fees struggled hard until he was able to complete his four-year course in college. Stephanie Solis too had financial difficulties when she enrolled to UCLA. She decided to become a housecleaner. she made cardboard boxes, and tutoring which helped her save money that enabled her get through UCLA.
Q 2
The Langston Hughes poem, “A Dream Deferred” reflects a dream, which achievement is by hard work. The poem relates to the stories of Matias Ramos, Mario Escobar, and Stephanie Solis since their dreams were achieved through a tough struggle and hardships. In the poem, the dream is a load that is so heavy to bear and can not let one go a milestone to achieving the desired goals in life. The dream in the poem is full of pain, sorrow, and hardships that is not worthy to bear and can only be achieved by one who can only live the hard way out. As in the case of Mario Escobar who after surviving the El Salvador’s brutal civil war where he lost his parents, he never gave up but struggled the hardest way out to achieve his dreams. The same applies to Stephanie Solis and Matias Ramos whose dreams were like a heavy load that had no signs of exploding, but through struggle they are at the top of their dreams.
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