Marine Fisheries

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Due to marine fishing, the number of stock that is available for the fish breed to ensure their sustainability for the next years has always reduced. Therefore, there is need to ascertain whether marine fishing has reached to a point where it threatens the extinction of some species of marine fish and relate these to environmental ethical issues.
The main aim of the study is to ascertain the impact of marine fisheries and how it relates to some of the environmental ethical theories. The following research questions will assist in attaining these research objectives.
Is the level of marine fisheries threatening the sustainability of some marine fish?
How does these relate to the environmental ethical theories like utilitarianism?
Any entity that is engaged in harvesting or rising of fish is referred to as a fishery. The terms that typically define a fishery are types of fish or species, individuals involved, the area of seabed or water, fishing method, the activities, purpose or the class of the boats. Fishers as well as fish are usually combined in the definition with the latter utilizing similar gear types to fish similar species. Aquatic culture, fish farming or capturing wild fish may be involved in a fishery. Fish stocks are continuously being reduced due to overfishing that has led to fish being taken beyond sustainable levels. (Jennings et al, 78)