Marina Warner and Mythological Stories

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41000 The same can be estimated by studying his long narrative epic poem under the title “Metamorphoses” by a renowned poet of ancient Rome Ovid. The Metamorphoses consists of different tales regarding the creation and history of the world at large in an artistic and highly imaginative way. Ovid seemed to be impressed by Greek mythology. it is, therefore, his stories portray almost the same pictures while depicting his characters as have been described in mythological works of his times. Greek mythology submits countless stories of transformation of gods, goddesses, and heroes into some other creature, as Zeus has transformed himself into a big eagle to kidnap and abduct Trojan prince Ganymede, and has adopted the guise of a beautiful swan to seduce Leda. Ovid’s Metamorphoses story of Gregor Samsa also reveals the same where a young salesman named Gregor finds himself has been transformed into a big cockroach during his sleep, and no one could be able to recognize him altogether. Thus, he remains almost isolated eating the food of insects and bugs. There appear risks in his life regarding starvation, aloofness and being killed by some human. Since his father, mother, and sister fail to identify him, he dies in the same state of an insect in an extremely pathetic and miserable situation. While examining the story, it becomes obvious that Ovid would have never observed the transformation of man into a sector other thing and particle. yet, the influence of mythological tales forced him produced the same out of his own imagination. In the same way, he must maintain some fears regarding life in his own imagination, which can be estimated in his story. There are some blessings and benefits of transformation too as an insect has got the ability to move everywhere without hurdles. An insect requires no permission to move or enter from one place to the other. Nevertheless, the anxiety of being alone in a state of extreme misery is sure to take his life consequently.