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22568647_700151                            Personal Narrative: Story of my Life   When I was in grade 1 my dad and my mom always there for me to go to school.  I always ask them to stay by my side  because I was scared that someone gonna hurt me and I was scared that my dad  gonna go  somewhere and not gonna comeback because that day I know that my and my brother is planning to go to Hawaii. I was really close to my dad before, he always bring me toys whenever he go, he always ask me what I want. My mom is always there for me too when I needed help about my school project. Everyday before I go school my mom always cook breakfast for me and for my brother, she always say that we need to eat a lot of food so that we can concentrate studying all of our lessons in school.      Since the day I know what is going on about my dad and my brother moving to Hawaii that is the day that I started following my dad whenever he go because I know from that day I’m not gonna see my dad for so long and I know that my dad really need to move to Hawaii to give me and my mom a better life. My dad noticed something is wrong to me because I always ask him to stay by my side, sleep by my side, and not gonna leave me. He’s the one taught me how to protect myself when someone gonna hurt me, he’s the one taught me how to fight back when someone bullying me. The day that get closer for him to move to Hawaii my dad always spend time with me riding into my bike, swimming, and playing badminton outside of the house.When I’m in grade 2 my mom is laughing to my dad because my dad is drunk at that time  and he dance in front of my mom. It was the best day of my life because I never see my dad dancing at all. My dad always working just to give me what I want and I appreciate that, he always pick me up in school to go somewhere to buy a gift to surprise my mom. My dad and I always plan to surprise my mom, we decorate the balcony and put a lot of candles and roses into the ground and into the table and I told to my dad that one day hopefully I found  a guy like my dad who is romantic and sweet my dad is laughing because he told me that I’m way too young to think about love. He told me not to enter any kind of a relationship when I’m  young because he wan’t me to have a better life and enjoy spending time with them. I remember when my dad and my mom always telling me to be nice to my classmate and other people so I can have a lot of friends at the end of the day. My dad and my mom is a hard working parents I know that  because I always see them both doing something to support me and my brother, they always say that don’t waste our food because they keep saying that one day when  we have our own family we really know why they keep reminding or say that words to me and to my brother how important life is and how hard to find a money to support the family. I told to my parents that I hope one day when I’m into the right age and I only want to get married once like them because seeing them together happy and knowing that my dad is my mom first and last boyfriend and my mom is my dad first and last girlfriend till they get married. I also told them that because I see my cousin have a broken family which is hard for her, I told to my dad I don’t want that to happen to me or to my brother. My dad promise me in front of my mom that he will never cheat on my mom and he will never let someone to break our family and till now he prove and keep that promises to my family.  My mom’s dad is always telling me to respect my parents because without them I’m not gonna be here.  When I’m in grade 3 I joined girls cout, but I decided to not continue because I found out that my dad and my brother is going to Hawaii the next day I was so sad, mad, and angry because I know that I’m not gonna see my dad for so long specially my birthdays. I started not to go to school, not to listen to my mom, I was not into myself at that time. I keep asking myself why my dad and my brother need to go to Hawaii when we have everything in the Philippines. I keep asking my mom, my grandma, and my grandpa why my dad really need to go there, why my dad keep telling me to understand him when all I know before is my dad is just gonna go there to find a job because I only know that maybe Hawaii is just 30 to 40 minutes away from the Philippines but I was wrong. I was sad because my 3rd birthday my dad is not there by my side till I was 16 or 17 year old. But my dad decided to bring me and my mom to Hawaii and we waited for so long to have a complete family again. I was so happy and also my mom and my dad, the first thing we did in Hawaii as soon as the airplane landed was we go out and do shopping, my dad bought me a lot of clothes, phone, and chocolates. And then my dad and my mom enrolled me in Farrington high school, I started grade 9 back in Hawaii till grade 11  I didn’t stop attending to Farrington High School they stop me because I was 18 year old and they told me that I’m over age tobe in grade 11. So I decided to find online schooling and search on google. Couple months later Penn Foster pop out into my facebook account and that is when I started searching about the school and give it a try. I enrolled to Penn Foster to achieve my goal in life and join  military which is always my dream to served the country. I was so happy that Penn Foster is able to help me to get my high school diploma and achieve all of my dream. I promise to myself that I will never give up todo something I really want for me and for my family specially for my daughter. I was so happy that I am almost done to my school and ready to join the military and hoping that I will get a higher grade into my classes and into the asvab test.  From the day I start working I realize how is life is not always easy, I realize why my mom and my da keep telling me to get my diploma and hoping that whenever I graduate into Penn Foster High School they will be proud of me. I keep telling them without them and my family I’m nothing. I love them so much more than my life that is why I keep myself busy into my classes to finish faster and get my diploma to help my family about the financial or everything they need since they are the one helping  me when I’m nothing. I told to my mom and my dad that I am the one who is going to take care of them when they get old because they did a lot for me and to what I’m doing for now it still not enough to pay them back, because all I want for them is not togo work already I want them to enjoy life and just do vacation also my family. I want to get my diploma to get a better job to help my husband paying the rent, foods, or any kind of billing.