Mao zedong’s legacy

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Some of the negative roles played by Mao Zedong include the launching of the cultural revolution where millions of people were forcefully made to do manual labor, which in return resulted to execution of tens of thousands Culture Revolution2. To date, people all over the world still visit Tiananmen Square, the burial place of Mao Zedong in order to pay homage to one person that even in his death still revere him. The essay will relay information about Mao Zedong and the reason why decades after his death, his name is still as powerful as ever.Mao Zedong, commonly known as Chairman Mao, was one of the most influential thinkers ever to rule China. Chairman Mao is known for his contribution in a number of factors especially in the republic of china. Apart from being the founder of People’s Republic of China (PRC), Mao is also the man behind numerous developments and achievements in China such improving China’s economy from agrarian to industrial level3. In China, Mao helped improve the level of education and it is through him that the republic of China is known to produce some of the most brilliant brains in the world. Apart from improving china’s education standard, Chairman Mao oversaw gender equality in China by ensuring that Chinese women had equal opportunities in any field such as education, employment and politics4. It was also during Mao Zedong’s reign that china experienced one of the highest population growth from 550 to 900 million.Although Mao Zedong’s good reputation is recognized all over the world, Mao’s legacy is also despised by a many people. This is because of the role he played during the Cultural Revolution that lasted for 10 years resulting to massive loss of lives. One of the reasons behind Mao’s initiation of the revolution program was in a move to eliminate counter-revolutionary in china, a process that took ten years5. The revolution resulted to massive destruction