Manufacturing history Sony Corporation

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The innovation was however limited due to lack of technological advancements. They later crossed border to USA and later to Europe to expand their business and it is by then the company’s name was changed from TTK to Sony. which comes from two Latin words Sonus meaning sound and sonny. The name was however officially changed in 1958. Sony was the first Japanese company to open in U.K (Paul pp. 154-150). Sony corporation is globally recognized due to its functions of selling, marketing and manufacturing of electronics like computers, televisions, radios, camcorders, cameras, I-pods, speakers, headphones, car audio and video accessories, home theaters, play stations and many more electronic entertainment equipments (Andrew 2003). The company has advanced tremendously due to the advancement in technology and the transformation from analog to digital. The company basically deals with five segments of operation. electronics, games, financial services, entertainment and others. This has made Sony the most comprehensive entertainment company globally. It also has Sony Pictures Entertainment which is involved in production of media content like movies, adverts, promotions, documentaries to mention just but a few. Sony Corporation has had a stream of managers who have played huge roles in running the company. The company is currently run by Howard Stringer who is the Chairman and the Chief Executive and the President of Sony Corporation. Nicole Seligman is the vice president and the general counsel of the organization. Howard took the Chairmanship on 22 June 2005, afterthe Chairman Nobuyuki Idei stepped down. Sony has been a success due to effective management and proper running and handling of the organization’s affairs. The company has been able to improve on their products making them more complex and yet easier to use with the advancement of technology.