Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Human Resource Management Practices

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Organizational support With talented employees Mandarin Oriental Bangkok provides them with an opportunity to experience working aboard at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. Work environment There is a locker room with toilet and shower for both male and female employee.Uniforms and suits are provided by the hotel. There is laundry service for all employees’ uniform and suits. All restaurant equipment provided by the hotel.There are employees’ areas to hang out there before/after work or during break-time, which consist of café, library, computer room, sitting areas and flat screen TV with Play Station 4 in the living area. Thai customs are applied throughout the hotel, which is the purpose of showing respect between employees. Flexibility The hotel understands employees who have children and allows them to have adjustable work hours to meet their preferred time or have split shift if they needed to. The hotel allows employees to use their public holiday and annual vacation usually this depending on the seasonality. In some serious or important the case HR manager will decide upon the case and will inform the employee of the result. Internal and External Factors Analysis The Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a multinational organization that invests in and manages a chain of luxury hotels, resorts as well as residences all over Europe, Asia, and America. This paper analyses and evaluates both internal and external factors in relation to the Human Resource Management practices at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.