Managing the Trunk Road Network in North West Scotland

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The emphasis of the paper is in discussing the role of the project manager in establishing communication procedures and protocols along with a clear road map for tackling the issues mentioned above. The paper starts off by detailing the project by providing an overview of the project and then lists the scope of the project. Project Management is both an art and a science. The art of project management is in how well the project manager deals with the resources assigned to the project and establishes clear lines of communication among the different stakeholders along with following the norms and protocols. I have not provided an overview of the project or its scope as they have been enumerated in detail in the brief that has been given as part of the assignment. Suffice to state that the project involves civil engineering works undertaken both for new works as well as maintaining and upgrading existing works. In this section, I discuss the steps that I would take to establish my role as project manager for the whole project. Considering the size of the project and the fact that it is a joint venture that is responsible for maintaining and managing the trunk road network in North West Scotland, there are multiple stakeholders who have to be kept in the loop if I am to successfully execute my role as project manager. For starters, I need to define my role and communicate the scope and nature of the role to the different stakeholders along with a clear definition of what it takes to be a project manager. The role of Project Manager is like that of a conductor in an orchestra. He or she is the fulcrum around which the project revolves and like the maestro who conducts the performance, the project manager is looked upon by all the key players to direct them and manage their work. Further, the different stakeholders would want to be informed of the status of the project and the way things are going on a periodic basis.