Managing the Personal Selling Function

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´╗┐Managing the Personal Selling Function Marketing communication is a fundamental tool in any company that needs to satisfy their s needs. It includes, advertising, packaging, personal selling and many more. In addition, marketing communication outlines the marketing communication concepts that include the positioning of a brand, the marketing message and how a company wants the consumers to view their brand. Personal selling is a promotional method where a salesperson uses skills and techniques to build relationships with potential clients. This promotional method occurs through face-to-face meeting or through communication via the telephone that allows information to be conveyed. Personal selling involves finding new prospects where a sales person makes direct contact. A sales person needs to prepare adequately to meet a prospect buyer. In addition, they need to present their product in a manner that shows that they best understand their products. This is because, the clients might ask questions about the products, and the sales person should be able to address the clients concerns. Sales persons should be able to deal with obstacles put in their way by their clients. It is important to close a sale and this depends on the knowledge and skills of the sales person on how to close a deal. The sale persons should be strategic in convincing customers to buy a product (Hutt amp. Speh, 2007). The sales management function is to facilitate activities that are involved in the movement of goods from the supplier to the customer with the purpose of achieving organizational goals. Lastly, the managerial tools include the provision of the right resources that helps sales persons meet their target. The provision of training on how to deal with customers even after they have rejected the products is also important. Organizations need to invest in motivating sales persons so they are able to work towards achieving the organizational objectives. ReferencesHutt, M., amp. Speh, T. (2007). Business marketing management: B2B (9th ed.). Mason, Ohio: Thomson/South-Western.