Managing Professional Development

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Makes and receives calls. greets and establishes the business of each visitor. maintains office filing system. handles petty cash. prepares finance reports on a monthly basis. registers all outgoing letters. maintains schedule sheets for drivers, and co-ordinates travel requirements for staff and visitors with Senior Driver.Prepares local contracts/extension letters for employees. makes monthly leave reports. prepares FFE reports on a monthly basis. maintains Personal Confidential Files, etc. prepares office driver payments (fuel expenses, maintenance allowance, overtime, and salary payments). supervises 5 staff directly.Developing management skills throughout my job experiences has been an integral part of the overall process. My time management skills have become one of the first skills that I have practiced and maintained due to the fact that priorities are to be made on a daily basis. Because I have to deal with everyday situations with which I am required to divide my time between different commitments, from planning events and meetings to distributing information, my skills for time management have been honed. I have learned to work under constant pressure and yet still consistently meet stringent deadlines. This was also made more meaningful by the fact that I interacted with expatriates of various cultural backgrounds, honing my organizational savvy in the process. Coordinating with staff members has also allowed me to develop both planning and delegation skills because for my working experiences, there has always been the need to consistently set objectives, distribute tasks, and frequently consult with each other. Because of these needs, skills for target setting have further been practiced and retained in order for my teams to completely learn and understand what our priorities and objectives should be. From here, skills for decision making have also been developed to ensure that appropriate solutions are made and corrective actions are taken.