Managing People for a Competitive Advantage

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Managing People for a Competitive AdvantageHuman resource management, as the name indicates, is the term used for the management of human resources. Management of the workforce includes but is not limited to providing the staff with all necessities and facilities, addressing their individualistic and collective problems, and providing them with an environment where they can work to their maximum potential. Human resource is of immense value for a business. A company’s staff is one of the most important resources since the workforce is fundamentally what executes the tasks to achieve the organizational objectives.I didn’t get any experience with the HR before but I can say that our sponsorship does not have any idea about how to deal with us and they put lots of rules everyday and every successive rule compliments the preceding one.It was a negative experience because we do not know what they need from us and they don’t know how to control our study. They frequently make and change the rules. They make us have a contract with them after we study when they do not have a specific point to us or to what we would do after graduation. Normally, a business entrepreneur maintains a separate human resource department in the company to take care of the needs of the workforce, wherein, the HR Manager assumes the prime responsibility. In companies which do not have separate human resource departments, the General Manager also plays the role of HR Manager in addition to his/her main responsibilities as a GM. I have not elected to take this course because it was the requirement of my graduation. The true reason for electing to take this course is that it is very important for me as it provides me with an opportunity to learn how to deal with others and motivate others to deliver their best in work. After taking this course, I expect to become a better manager in general and a better HR Manager in particular. One of the most essential skills one needs to be successful is the social skills. the way one deals with others. This course will teach me the necessary skills and tactics to have best relations with people, so that I may be able to get the best out of them as a leader. I shall contribute to the class learning by sharing my thoughts, opinions, as well as personal experiences with the class related to various topics that we study along the way. I shall also do research at individual level and share any useful documents that I find with the class to promote learning. One thing that I have learned in the past which I think is most valuable in regard to human resource management is that one should listen to all but do whatever one deems right oneself. At the end of the day, one has to deal with things oneself. If one acts upon others’ advices without being fully confident that the advice is right, one is most likely to be caught in despair. To be successful, it is imperative that an individual identifies all possible solutions to the problem himself/herself, weigh the merits and demerits of individual options, and choose the one with maximum merits and minimum demerits.