Managing Leading Change

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Sur Transformational leadership and innovation in an R&amp.D organization experiencing major change Introduction: The aim of the article was to study the effects of transformational leadership on change management in an organization and how teams of R&amp.D can be influenced towards innovation in their outcomes. The authors have focused on factors such as transformational leadership, behavior of employees, team works and identification of groups, business environment, and the effects of change management. The research methodology involved primary researches where a total of 104 participants from an R&amp.D company in Australia were questioned using the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire. The survey was done twice in a year when the organization experienced restructuring and change within the organization. 29 different teams were focused whose responses were collected and analyzed for the study.
Findings and Evaluation:
Statistical measures such as ANOVA were used for analysis of the responses obtained. The findings reveal that transformational leadership influence team working in an organization and higher innovations are achieved as a consequence, after indentifying both the direct and indirect effects of transformational leadership. R&amp.D companies need to focus more on the transformational form of leadership, particularly associating with change management in the organizations. Such a form of leadership allows the team members to work in a more creative environment thus enjoying their work and resulting into more effective performances.
Transformational leadership enables employees to utilize opportunities for the betterment of their own objectives along with those of the organization. However the process needs to be understood in depth to promote enhanced performances. It can be said that in the present day business organizations that are in the midst of immense competition across the globe, there is a continuous need of participation and contribution from all members of an organization. This focuses on the positive effects of transformational leadership that involves all organizational members to take part in the achievement of the organizational goals utilizing their own personal experiences and efforts as well.
Individuals need to be able to identify their goals with their teams that improve the relation of transformational leadership and innovation. In order to manage change and restructuring within an organization the organizational members need to realize the importance of such change which is possible only when they feel like a part of the company and the decision making process. Also, teams have been found to develop better with time. This is achieved through transformational leadership which can thus be said to be effectively have been highlighted in the research.
The study points rightly on focusing on an essential change in the present day management systems within organizations. It can be suggested for organizations to develop their systems more towards transformational leadership. Although there is further scope of research in this field, yet this article has brought into focus a form of organizational management that is suitable for present day businesses and competitions. Leaders need to be effective not only in their performances, but also in involving all members towards achieving the common goals of an organization that is possible through transformational leadership.
The focus of the research was on how transformational leadership influences organizational members, team working, and management of change in an organization. This is particularly essential considering the present day business where there is a continuous need for innovation and development. Thus the findings of the research can be said to be convincing. However, the research left significant scope for further research since the observation and survey had been limited to a single organization. With a greater sample size, the results could be more effectively established determining both positive and negative effects of transformational leadership on change management.
Paulsen, Neil, Victor J. Callan and Oluremi Ayoko. “Transformational leadership and innovation in an R&amp.D organization experiencing major change.” Journal of Organizational Change Management 26.3(2013): 595-610. Print.