Managing Diversity Class

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Advanced human resource management is equipped with many ideas to maintain the stable condition in the organization to gain the courage to embark towards the success of the organization.This is a case study by which the Fogal Inc find the proper way to maintain the unity in diversity among the employees. In this era of globalization the staffing is being executed through the global pool of talent. Most of the companies are having employees from different cultures and from different nations. Fogal Inc is a small consulting company in the USA which operates is business In North America and in some Asia Pacific nations. The employee’s strength of this company is about one hundred. Most of the employees in this organization are male and thirty percent of the employees are from Canada, forty five percent are from India and rest of the employees from the US. So it is very clear to understand that the Fogal Inc is equipped with India and Americans or white males. The future plan of the organization is to double the size of the prospective market. For the promising future plan the organization needs the proper business structure of the organization and they also need the proper solution to maintain the unity in diversity among the employees. It is very important to know how to control the employees of different nationalities and different classes to sustain the gradual growth in the organization. This study shows many aspects of diversity and also explains how to keep the diversity intact with the successful management process.Diversity has become a common character among most of the companies in the USA. There are many black people work in many organizations at the same levels, this shows the unity in the diversity is prevailing in most of the organizations. For any business organization such as Fogal Inc, it is very important to understand the characteristics of the segment wherethey are operating.