Managers of the Future Small Businesses

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This paper illustrates that managers who are reluctant to change, learn and adapt often find themselves at the difficult ends when future complexities arise. The competitive advantage which organizations strive to achieve may not be achieved or sustained if managers and leaders of the organization are not flexible enough to anticipate future changes. Private sector organizations are growing in complexity and with increasing competition. it has become relatively difficult for the organizations to actually face the future. In order to do so, organizations have to develop the skills of their people. What is critical to understand is the fact that organizations have to close the gap between the current skill set of their employees and the future skills required to perform their jobs. As such it becomes relatively critical for current organizations to develop people and soft skills which will be necessary for the managers of future. Organizations are considered an essential part of the society and the people working in such organizations are drawn from the same society and are affected by the way society is shaped. It is also critical to understand that to work effectively, it is important for firms to actually understand as to what are trends which may arise in future and need to be anticipated and learned. Since modern society moves very fast and new trends and images emerge almost every day, it becomes relatively critical for HR professionals to actually understand such trends and plan accordingly to find managers and leaders who can be equipped to deal with such is critical to note that industrial societies such as UK and rest of Europe and US are now in a post-industrialization era wherein the new challenges and trends are entirely different than that of the past. In advanced economies, workers with low level and low-value skills may not be skilled enough to either work in modern organizations or even manage their own businesses. To achieve this objective, they need to develop new skills.