Management strategy case

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ort conducts the examination of strategy formulation, its implementation and evaluation of alignment between two former steps to extracts the element of it success story. Report in the end provides recommendations for the possible areas of improvement.
“To be the most dominant national retailer of coffee that provides the country with variety of special coffee and to establish Starbucks as the most respected brand in the whole world”. (Starbucks, 2011).
“Provide fresh and high quality products to customers. To create a positive long-term relation of trust and understanding among the employees, customers and the company. To contribute towards the environment and communities positively and to embrace diversity” (Starbucks, 2011).
Starbucks is one of the leading names associated with fresh and high-quality coffee products. The company is committed to provide the customers with the best and fresh quality coffee within the country and internationally. The name Starbucks is well-known to customers for the popular experience that gives it competitive edge over competitors. .
Satisfied customers is one of the major strengths of the company that gives them the edge over others (Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson, 2007). The customers are valued and respected that create a healthy relationship between the company and the customers Starbucks is famous for providing customers with an environment that is considered friendly and are always welcomed. The friendly sales staff at Starbucks has also made it easier for the customers to interact and learn about the fine coffee being offered at the store. This respect and politeness towards the customers have created a relation between the company and the customers (Starbucks a, 2012).
With a strategically thought out wide network of Starbucks locations, the company can easily gain the customers’ attention giving it competitive advantage of location over other competitors. . This enormous number of location has helped the