Management Strategies for Information Technology

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IT generally refers to the technical aspect of using computers and telecommunications in some instances to store, retrieve or even transmit data (Robson 1997). The new information and communication technology has brought about dramatic changes to the way organizations conduct business during the contemporary period and it can be noted from a critical reading of Comair’s case study that it is still lagging behind in terms of IT and IS.In view of the above assertion, it is significant to carry out a SWOT analysis of the airline in an attempt to establish if there is any correlation between the IS and IT with its business strategy. A SWOT analysis is a useful instrument for helping managers to identify internal strengths and weaknesses of a business and external opportunities and threats facing it, (Strydom J. p 31). Basically, SWOT stands for strengths (S), weaknesses (W) while on the other hand the external environmental factors are regarded as either opportunity (O) or threats (T). This analysis is very important to managers as it allows them to focus on key strategic issues based on the notion that an effective strategy fully utilizes the strengths and opportunities of business and strives to minimize the weaknesses and threats. This study, therefore, is concerned with establishing a SWOT analysis for Comair in view of its IT and IS strategy.One of the major strength in Comair’s business strategy is that it has sound management practices which have seen it growing from strength to strength over the years since its inception. Whilst this is a strong business strategy, its IS does not fully support this strategy given that they still rely on old traditional methods of doing business. Indeed, business has been growing as a result of the strategy but the problem is that it is not fully supported by modern IS which makes the processing of information relatively easy given that Comair is still growing and this growth has to be supported by sound IS and IT infrastructure which can handle the large volumes of information to be processed.