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After this process, and through experience, now they already know who the best is and they buy only from them.
Concurrently, the manager also noted that some of the sellers are actually friends with people that work at the restaurant. They purchase ingredients, such as meat, fish, vegetables and other fresh stuff, on a daily basis at local Indian/Bengali shops. Accordingly, there are plenty of them in the neighbourhood, as there are 50 Indian, Bengali, Thai, and Asian restaurants in this area. So they tested different suppliers and chose the best ones. It was emphasized that it took years of experience. Now, the Cinnamon Brick Lane Restaurant is acknowledged to be the best, legendary, and renowned.
The standard of quality also means possessing secret recipes appreciated by the worlds best chefs. 2 The fact that food critics who graced the restaurant provided exemplary reviews evidently indicates that the establishment is viewed as one that serves high quality food, diverse menus and exemplary service. The official restaurant’s website cited the results from two of the food critics who visited their establishment that: “Among our many accolades include food critic and Michelin chef Pat Chapman, in the Cobra Good Food Guide, and Humayun Khan – from TANDOORI MAGAZINE, who gave rave reviews on his last visit to Cinnamon for his favourite dish, the LEMON-GRASS CHICKEN, recommending Cinnamon as one of the best Indian/ Bangladeshi restaurants in Britain. View London also highly recommends Cinnamon as one of the best in Brick Lane”.3 Likewise, due to the high quality, great taste of its food, exemplary service, and consistently positive customer satisfaction ratings, the Cinnamon Brick Lane Restaurant have been patronized by celebrities and famous personalities such as Jeremy Guscott, a former England and Lions rugby player and Shepard Fairy, a famous jigsaw artist.4
From the above,