Management Project

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Hiring Function Recruitment and SelectedThe process that has been used in this particular research paper would be incorporated into the research study so as to identify the deficiencies of GOME electric company and ways to eliminate them from the system.The research topic that has been selected is an analysis on the hiring, recruitment and selection function of the GOME electric company in China. The topic is very advantageous from the point of view of reviewer and also from the perspective of organization. This research study would enable the organization that has been selected to improve its level of efficiency and even save the overall cost that is associated with the execution of business operations. The company occupies a large market shares in the retail industry of electronics in China and has also been able to enhance its distribution operation across other regions.The reviewer has a work experience in the selected organization and so the deficiency in hiring and selection process can be easily highlighted. The report structure would comprise of primarily a research objective and questions followed by conceptual foundation. The findings of the research would be based on focus group study and interviews with key personnel of the organization which would be supported by secondary data.The purpose of the research paper that has been selected for the particular research study has been to enhance the aspect of technology in all possible sectors. The research paper states that technology is a part of everyday lives and has a great importance in the human resource management. The concept of technology lessens the cost and at the same time even enables the job seekers to explore more opportunities in the least possible time. The research aim was to identify the various advantages as well as disadvantages of incorporating e-recruitment in the system. The rationale of the research paper is that the findings of this particular paper would be beneficial for other organization as well as job