Management plan in the case of a security

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The information of such clients should be accorded due protection and security deserved. There should be several policies, rules and regulations put in place to govern the information (Einbinder, 2010).
These rules, policies and regulations should ensure maximum security and confidentiality of the information of such clients. Moreover, the websites and databases where such information is contained should be protected with secure passwords to prevent cases of hacking. This is important in ensuring that the information of each client in kept free from access by unwanted or unauthorized parties (Clarkson et al, 2012). However, in cases involving breach of security of such information, it is highly likely that unauthorized persons may get access into the client’s information. This is very dangerous since the people may use the information of the clients in several bad ways (Blyth, 2008). As such, the right to privacy of such clients will be compromised. This may lower their trust with such organizations. The leakage of the privacy of such clients may destabilize them psychologically, mentally and socially. This should always be discouraged at all costs by putting in place several restrictions, policies and rules governing the safety, security and confidentiality of such information.
It is important to note that the scenario experienced in the administration at St. John’s Hospital depicts a breach of security of information of the clients. The fact that the cleaners could get access to the information of the clients when tidying up the place was vivid evidence that the people responsible did not take proper care in keeping the client’s information. This was negligence in the part of the people involved in the security section of the information. The discarded printouts should always be kept safe or assigned specific individuals within the organization to always access and dispose of them professionally. However, it