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ation can be achieved through proper communication by the management team to their employees, which raises the morale of the working team thereby achieving the targeted results. This paper looks at the role of effective communication in the motivation of the employees. It also highlights the implications of communication and motivation with the employees on the management while looking at how this could be a problem if not addressed properly. The paper further looks at the skills the managers need in order to be good motivators of their team and communicate effectively.Motivation is mainly associated with increase in pay or other better payment packages, career opportunities and also good relationships with co-workers at the workplace. However, communication acts as a pivotal aspect in employee motivation, and the management needs to understand the role of communication in motivation (Morreale et al., 2008). Effective communication entails proper information distribution in the company as all the information involving the company decisions should disseminated to the company employees (Bates, 2009). The company should ensure that they give the employees proper information involving the company such as the sale of shares, changes in the workforce and management, which eliminates incorrect rumours that the employees may form while at the same time making the employees feel respected by the company. Proper relationships are built by the employees, the management, and all departmental heads throughout the company. Communication strengthens the relationships between the workers and the management making the employees more productive as they relate well with their supervisors and managers (Eunson, 2007). This can be achieved by holding departmental meetings weekly where the members of the department discuss the issues of the company or even employee assistance programs by the management to help the employees improve their skill set in a given aspect. In the decision