Management information system project

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Ellebeare has very few links. Although these links are working which are mainly for the year and month of production or sale of the products, they are not enough. The site is not very interesting when you consider that you will have to scroll down to the different items. It could use some subtopics or subtitles for the different items.
11) How objective is the website? Is a particular viewpoint presented in the website? If so, what is the viewpoint? If not, give evidence of how the website covers more than one viewpoint. Be sure to state what viewpoints are covered.
The objectivity of the Net-a-porter website is well noted in its structure and design and also the content. The website is all about selling luxurious fashion items and from the vision statement on the home page “The worlds premier online luxury fashion destination," it has not gone off that view point at any instance.
The ASOS website is also quite. The different products presented are quite real items that would interest the average person as a baseball cap, denim jackets, etc. The site has several viewpoints. It also quite advocates for different fashion trends some that are classy while others are just normal and not classy.
Ellebeare is not quite objective. The portrayed view point is that of classy and outgoing fashion. This is well depicted in the fashion posters that are on the website. It is very classy and colorful too. It is quite catchy especially when you scroll down and get to see the beautiful ladies modeling the different items.
Fact means a true piece of data or information while opinion means a belief, way of thinking or judgment. With these in mind, it is evident that ASOS presents both facts and opinions. The facts are expressed in the website as they state the prices of different items. They also express facts about different products in detail as they categorize the different items according to type.
Net-a-porter presents