Management Holden Outerwear Managing Change and Innovation

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Answer Holden’s managerial leadership thrives on change and continuously looks for new design and fashion to incorporate within its outerwear. Itis known for its innovation in style that combines utility with fashion. The major focus is always on shape of the garments. At the same time, it tests new approaches and redefines traditional fabric with its creative input. It likes to do things differently rather than doing different things. Its use of pure cotton twills which were cut and then made waterproof, have been successfully tested as high performing mountain outerwear despite looking and fitting like jeans. In relatively short time, they have created a niche market position through their highly creative and trendy outerwear in outdoor sports like mountaineering etc. Their experiments with new elements in designing garments are not only a fashion statement in outerwear but also hugely appreciated for their durability and utility. They believe that fashion adds value to technical garment and therefore they are constantly vigilant of new fashion that can be incorporated within the design of their outerwear. Answer 2 Holden’s creative approach to outerwear can be constituted as an example of disruptive innovation mainly because it has created a new value network for outerwear which is highly technical in its objectives and utility. Disruptive innovation broadly focuses on either creating a new market or proposing a new value network. Most importantly, it tends to introduce new concepts within the industry to help expand it tangentially so as to make its growth more dramatic. Moreover, the new value propositions offered within the products are highly innovative and therefore unique in their features which can not be easily imitated. As such, by defining outerwear in terms of fashion, design and new fabric use, Holden has significantly created a new set of value offers for outerwear that is distinct in its innovation vis-à-vis design and development of eco friendly fabric. The traditional outerwear which was utility garment has now been transformed into fashionable clothing, creating a whole new network of value proposition that fundamentally relies on working differently with traditional fabric. Its creation of new eco friendly fabric has been a major environmental breakthrough which is the need of the hour. Indeed, its pragmatic approach to environment has been critical element of its success within and outside the organization.Answer 3 Holden has not encountered any sort of resistance within or outside its organization while introducing innovative garment design. The main reason is that it has organic organization culture that prospers on continuous learning and using new ideas to grow. The organizational culture highlights shared learning and is highly adaptable to changes. This helps them to be highly creative in their ideas and work. The flexibility of approach within their operation and design has become a key enabling factor. It not only motivates them for higher productive outcome but also for testing new ideas in their design. Indeed, it is for this fact that they are least bothered about imitation of their products. Rather, they take it as a challenge to be more creative.(words: 510)