Management Hierarchy in a Waste Management Services Company

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The monitoring mechanism comprising periodic review meetings and Management Information System will be put in place to ensure the implementation of initiatives on schedule and within budgeted cost. This mechanism will also enable mid-course corrections in any initiative. Management Information System will comprise checklists and reports. The reports will clearly mention the agency responsible for filling in and the due date of submission.
The removal of rubbish and ensuring the cleanliness of the site will be the responsibility of the site supervisor. The site supervisor has to monitor the subcontractor and inspect the site periodically along with a checklist. Any instance of non-fulfillment of the obligation of the sub-contractor should be highlighted to him at the first instance. Repeated non-compliance should be brought to the attention of the top management as an exception report. Top management will suitably counsel the subcontractor. If the noncompliance still persists, then the management may take suitable action on the sub-contractor which may lead to cancellation of the contract or blacklisting of the subcontractor. The subcontractors should also be given training inputs in order to meet the company’s requirements.
The MIS will be designed to monitor each activity of the company. The parameters will be identified, which could be performance drivers or outcomes. For instance, a customer satisfaction index is a performance driver, while revenue collected is an outcome. Performance drivers cause the outcome. If the customer is satisfied, that would accrue revenue to the company. The reports, therefore, seek achievement both in terms of performance drivers and outcomes. Some of the reports are as follows.
In addition to MIS, Checklists will be prepared to examine the status of rubbish clearance. The Vice President operations will conduct frequent ‘walk-around inspection’ with the checklist to identify any issues.&nbsp.&nbsp.