Management Consultancy

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Management consultants provide the distressed business organisations with strategy implementation, technology implementation, change management, turnaround management and other related and relevant matters.Start the consultation – The first step is all about getting introduced with the client and building a relationship with him. The consultant must have a relationship of mutual trust and respect with the client. The client, as well as the consultant, is supposed to have certain queries regarding the abilities and the functioning of each other. All such matters should be resolved in this step. The first step is also known as ‘gaining entry’.Contracting – This is the next step of the business consulting process model, the roles to be played by the client as well as the consultants are expected to be settled. The responsibilities of both the parties should be explicit and they should know what is expected from them during the entire process.Collecting the data – After the successful completion of the first two steps, the third step is about collecting the data. The consultant needs to understand where the problem of the client lies. And on the basis of the problem, the consultant needs to collect the data. Many of the reputed consultants maintain their own database. Also, the consultants have discussions with the people concerned with the processes. They may also resort to the facts available at the client’s office and can contact the internal and external customers.Making sense of the data (Interpretation) – In this step, the consultant tries to get into the core of the problem through the data collected. The consultant devotes significant time to the client to analyse and discuss the data with the client. It might so happen that the data collected are insufficient. In such a scenario, the consultant should resort to other sources. If the data collected is very large, the consultant must select only the useful ones.