Managed Care Made in America

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Managed care was initially developed to reduce the burden of people who seek medical attention. Medical expenses are increasing day by day and due to this people find it difficult to deal with their medical expenses. These problems led to a situation where managed care becomes an important matter of concern. (Pre 2009). Managed care mainly deals with strategies that aim at providing quality treatments at a better cost. Even employed people find it difficult to manage their medical issues and hence managed care is considered to be an important concept. The concept of managed care takes different dimensions depending on the situation and place where it is portrayed. Managed care is commonly known as the technique used to minimize the medical expenses thereby providing quality health care treatments. The main aim of managed care is to reduce the burden of the patient with the help of medical insurance and financial institutions. This is achieved by mitigating the risk to the insurance company from which a person avails his insurance. This, in turn, reduces the cost incurred to the patient and transfers the rest of the monetary operations to the concerned insurance firm.
Managed care has certain limitations and ethical concerns which form the major part of managed care. These ethical concerns depend on the type of problem and the way in which managed care is perceived. In an organization which provides medical benefits to an employee relies on an insurance company that helps the organization to reimburse the employee’s medical expenditure. This certainly reduces and minimizes the expenses of the employee. But this may not prove to be beneficial.&nbsp.Managed care, during its introduction, was completely a new concept to the people. People did not realize its benefits and advantages.&nbsp.